Q: What does Inter-Partnering do?

A: Inter-Partnering acts as the Finance and HR department for our clients. Obviously, we manage the accounting, HR, payroll and tax matters.

Q: How much do you charge for your services?

A: Our fees are comparable to the market practice. Our services can be general or customized to the business need. Hence, an open and non-obligatory discussion will give you a better idea of how much your costs will be. For more details, check out the other sections of our FAQ.

Q: There are many one stop service providers in the market, what can you offer differently?

A: All the one stop service providers in the market are as competence as we are, a small different is, some of our people are coming from FinTech environment. FinTech environment means constant change so they are versatile, vibrant and innovative. They are able to see things from different angles, try different methods while complying and constantly improving.

Q: You mentioned business transformation, what message are you bringing across?

A: Business transformations are large, multi-year initiatives and meant to create additional value. The older business model such as piles of papers, tones of files, multi-level approval procedure, 9-6 presence in the office, large storage space, etc. is now transformed into digitalization and flexible working arrangement. Hence, businesses may not need to own the human resources to own the functions. 

Here is an infographic that tells us how the world evolves from a different angle.


Q: You mentioned business partnering, what exactly is this about?

A: Accounting and payrolling are processes, for compliance and rewarding purposes. To multiply the value, the Accountants need to work closely and actively with both operations and management and act as an adviser to provide ‘real-time’ support and analysis that will assist in decision making. For more details, kindly check other sections of our FAQ.

Q: What do you want to tell the people with the quote “Better Work, Better World”?

A: Very simple, without people, the business is non-exist. Human resource is an asset, they need to be appreciated and respected. With a fair treatment, people are happy, happy people emit less ‘toxin’ thus better world 🙂