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Your One-stop Accounting Solution

As the business model transforms, providing the result is insufficient because the businesses need to understand the story behind each number. The aim of Inter Partneringis to provide solid support to your financials and your people through an interactive partnership!

Our Services

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Financials Management

We will assist you to manage your concern with profitability, expenses, assets and liabilities, cash and credit

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Human Resource Management

Effective benefits and compensation management is important so the employees can focus and help the business to gain a competitive advantage and achieve success

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Corporate Secretarial Management

We act as a whistle blower to remind/stop you so you will not breach the compliance

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Taxes Management

Our tax specialists will assist you with timely tax preparation and filing so that you are complying with the tax laws and regulations


We are a group of professionals that act with integrity, maintain a high quality of deliverables, own a great sense of responsibility. We always give honest feedback and never be afraid to own up to mistake. We value and show respect at all times. We always stay fit and healthy so we can fulfill our commitments to you.

According to Robert Shaw, you can earn a certain level of trust if you are able to achieve results while demonstrating concern for others and acting with integrity at all times. At Inter Partnering, you will get the best services.

We love his formula:

Result + Integrity + Concern = Level of Trust

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Better Work, Better World